• The Nebraska Enterprise Fund (NEF) is a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), certified by the U.S. Department of Treasury, CDFI Fund.  NEF provides direct loans to start-up and existing micro /small businesses across Nebraska.  NEF works collaboratively with lending organizations and banks to assist in filling financial gaps for businesses.  NEF has long been a supporter (loans and grants) of programs in Nebraska that provide training, technical assistance and/or loan services to micro businesses.

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  • The history of the Nebraska Enterprise Fund began in 1994. With multiple micro programs developing across the state at that time, it became apparent that there was a need for an organization to assist in procuring grant and loan funds to meet long-term operational and lending needs.

    Gene Severens, set out to work on the design and development of the Nebraska Microenterprise Partnership Fund (NMPF), a statewide microenterprise intermediary, and served as the first director. NMPF’s name was changed to Nebraska Enterprise Fund (NEF) in 2008, but the mission and purpose remained the same.
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  • NEF program partners are located across Nebraska with businesses in all counties having access to business training, one-on-one technical assistance / business coaching and micro / small business loans.

    List of Program Partners:

    • Catholic Charities Microbusiness Training and Development Program
    • Center for Rural Affairs/REAP
    • Community Development Resources
    • GROW Nebraska
    • Hastings Community Redevelopment Authority
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 Nebraska Enterprise Fund envisions a Nebraska where every small and micro business owner has the opportunity and resources to realize their potential.

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